Meet the PAWrents

Anthony, favorite place to travel: Cabo

Liz, favorite place to travel: Barcelona

Our names are Anthony & Liz and we love all things floof and adventure. Upon starting our professional careers, we each began to travel for work. Traveling can take a toll on your personal life and we did not want it to suppress our love for furry friends. Soon after starting his career, Anthony found our beautiful dog, Maya, a mini Husky (Alaskan Klee Kai Mix). They have traveled together on over 150 flights and counting.

Planning to travel and live a pet-friendly life is not easy, but it is PAWsible! A lot of research and planning has gone into our lives the past 2.5 years. After receiving a ton of questions through Maya’s Instagram (@minihuskyy), we decided to start Paws Up Travel, a pet-friendly travel blog. Here, we hope to teach you how to travel with your pet, how to live a more pet-friendly life, and other tips & tricks along the way.

You can also follow Maya on her adventures at @minihuskyy on Instagram and Facebook, and share your own furry friend's adventures through our pet feature account @totuesday (dog tongues required!).


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