Stop Getting Coffee Alone | Boris and Horton Dog-Friendly Cafe | New York City

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

If you're familiar with Canada Goose (or Canada Pooch), then you are probably familiar with the struggle of finding a dog-friendly restaurant 8 out of 12 months of the year in our snowy, windy, downright cold cities. One cafe in New York City is changing the meaning of dog-friendly restaurant through their year-round, indoor dog-friendly cafe.

A typical dog-friendly restaurant is a restaurant that has an outdoor patio with a separate, exterior access for animals, which prevents them from ever actually having to go inside the restaurant. These rules comply with local health ordinances, but don't leave many options for dog owners during the winter months. Boris and Horton Cafe is changing the rules with their uniquely designed indoor dog cafe. Their restaurant is divided into two sections, a coffee bar where people (dogs can't enter this area) can order drinks and people/dog food (that's right, snacks for humans and pets) and a separate, attached indoor area where people and dogs are allowed. The two spaces are divided by a plexiglass wall. People with their dogs can purchase coffee from a walk-up coffee window (outdoors) and then enter the dog-friendly side of the cafe with their furry friend.

In addition to grabbing a snack, dog owners can treat their pup to a new toy or some new swag (provided by fashionable dog companies such as Lucy & Co.). A great way to show off the fun you're having is through the make-your-own GIF photo booth. Coffee, dogs, and GIFs - what more could you want?

Photo credit: Milla Chappell of Real Happy Dogs



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