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Updated: Oct 6, 2019

We discovered Staypineapple sometime last year and immediately fell in love with the brand - pineapples, a mini husky mascot, and completely dog-friendly, how could we not?!

When we learned one of their hotels, The Alise Chicago, was conveniently located down the street from us (in the heart of downtown), we decided we had to check it out. Staypineapple strategically places their hotels in the "hot spots of town" so many attractions are just a few steps away - just one of the many great aspects of this brand.

In addition to great locations, these boutique hotels are setting a standard with their hospitality. Mini cupcakes and coffee are served in the afternoon, the PAWfect pick-you-up after a bike ride around the town on their fun pineapple-themed beach cruiser bikes. Enjoy your evening with happy hour or in-room munchies and a movie, and last, but not least, end the day in one of their GLORIOUS beds (I cannot stress enough how amazing their beds are). Now, let's get down to the deets of our experience:

How was the check-in process?

The check-in process was pretty standard. The staff was extremely welcoming and, of course, excited to greet Maya. We provided our ID and credit card (as you do at any hotel) and received our real, metal room key in exchange. The Alise is an old office building converted into a hotel, making for an extremely unique and cool environment. Old office doors with real, metal key locks line the hallways. An old-fashioned staircase with stunning metal railing is the focal point on each floor, but we are elevator people ourselves and lucky for us there are two elevators servicing the floors.

As we approached the elevators to head up to our room, we noticed an extremely welcoming, adorable sign listing out the names of the dogs staying at the property. This is a very fun way to inform others of the pooches and to greet the furry friends as well. Of course, treats were involved.

How was the room?

Upon entering the room, we were greeted by beautiful European-style bedding, Staypineapple's fun "Sleep With Me"/ "Relax and Unwind" pillows, and (best of all) hooman and doggo treats! Maya was especially excited about the cute little bed Staypineapple provides for the doggos.

In each room, Staypinepple also places one of their Dash stuffed animals. Dash is Staypineapple's adorable husky mascot and can be purchased for $25, part of which goes to non-profit animal rescues. Of course, Maya and Dash became best friends immediately (though Maya did question his lack of movement...).

In addition to the fun munchies and luxurious bedding, Staypineapple provides fun pineapple-themed bathrobes, coffee mugs, and tropical Tommy Bahama soap/lotion (it smells AMAZING). While they offer soap in wall dispensers (not my favorite....) the scent makes up for it.

How was the location?

The location could not be better. Our room had a view of the iconic Chicago Theater sign and a view of the Christmas tree in Millennium Park (our stay was towards the end of November). We were just a few blocks away from the Bean, across the street from State Street Macy's, and down the block from the Chicago Picasso statue. For the summer months, the lakefront is just a quick bike ride away on Staypineapple's fun pineapple-themed bikes. The hotel has a restaurant in the lobby, but you are just steps away from the many amazing dining experiences Chicago has to offer. If you are interested in seeing a show or checking out a museum, The Alise is just a few blocks from multiple Chicago theaters, the Chicago Cultural Center, the Art Institute, and many other museums. I could go on and on, but I'll sum it up by saying that this location has EVERYTHING to offer.

So the hotel is dog-friendly, but what about the surroundings?

Again, this location has EVERYTHING to offer. Our favorite dog park (Lake Shore East) is about a 10-minute walk. On Saturday mornings you can find the Chicago dog food truck, Fidotogo, hanging on the side of the park, and for humans, Wildberry is an extremely popular breakfast spot with an outdoor patio.

Perhaps one of our favorite dog-friendly activities in the city is to take a stroll down the Chicago River Walk - a beautifully landscaped pathway with fun dog-friendly, outdoor bars such as City Winery.

What if it's raining?

If you're stuck inside for a day, no need to worry. The Alise has a fitness center, high-speed internet (in case you just want to Netflix and chill), and one of Chicago's amazing restaurants, the Atwood, (oh, and of course a bar with a happy hour). If you really just don't want to leave your bed, a Keurig services each room and you can drink the coffee from the adorable pineapple-themed mugs.

The final verdict...

We absolutely loved having a chance to check out The Alise Chicago and would highly recommend it to anyone traveling to Chicago (especially for the location) and DEFINITELY to anyone looking for a dog-friendly hotel. The staff was extremely friendly towards Maya and treated her just as well as we were treated, if not better. We are so looking forward to checking out other Staypineapple properties in the future.


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