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Updated: Oct 6, 2019

When you pack up for a weekend trip, you choose your favorite items to keep you comfortable in your home away from home. Dogs, similar to humans, like to have "comfort" items while on the road. It may sound silly, but take it from us (having traveled with Maya 100s of times), they are much more comfortable with some of their belongings.

We had been on the hunt for a small blanket to carry for Maya on the airplane and in hotels when we came across The Company Store. They offer a wide variety of adorable pet products, but we were immediately drawn to their small dog comforters - the PAWfect little blanket for on the road.

We always pack a lot of toys for Maya as comfort items, but the idea for a blanket came during one of our airplane trips. We realized how chilly it was on the floor of the airplane and Maya was shivering a bit. Maya's comfort level is our utmost priority while traveling, so the hunt for the PAWfect blanket began:

Because we would be traveling with it, we wanted to get a "travel sized" blanket. Requirements for travel included a small size and the ability to fold up or shove it into a backpack. Another important factor was that it be easy to clean and machine washable (this blanket was going to be on the airplane floor after all...).

Lucky for us, The Company Store's blankets fulfilled many of our wishes. The blankets they offer come in a size Small (28x28) and it's easy to shove into any bag. The material is cotton but not super absorbent, which makes it easy to spot clean. The blanket is machine washable (hoomom's favorite feature) and filled with a hypoallergenic, faux down microfiber. This makes the blanket just puffy enough to double as a travel bed but won't contribute to any allergies you or your furry friend may have.

All in all we are extremely pleased with this blanket as a travel blanket. We allow Maya to use it at home, so she feels like she is bringing a piece of home with her when we are on the road. These blankets come in a variety of colors and two different patterns. There is another option, which has a fleece material side, but to make it easy for cleaning purposes we chose the all cotton blanket.


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