PAWther's Day Gift Ideas | Father's Day Gifts for the Dog Dad in Your Life

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

It’s that time of year again…the time to celebrate those who help raise your fur children, contribute to your crazy Instagram antics, and support your little nugget’s treat obsession. That’s right, it’s almost PAWther's day, and lucky for you we’ve rounded up the best last-minute gifts for that special dog dad in your life.

1. K9 Sport Sack

Give your dog dad the opportunity to bring his best FURiend everywhere with the nifty dog, travel backpack K9 Sport Sack. This vet-approved backpack is functionally designed to support your dog in a backpack-like bag. You conveniently zip and clip your dog in and are ready for any adventure the day offers. The K9 Sport Sack comes in a variety of sizes and colors, and is customizable with its fun, embroidered Velcro patches (get your dog’s name or better yet their IG handle!).

Pic by @minihuskyy

2. Doggy beer

Let your man enjoy a cold one with his best FURiend. Formulated JUST for dogs, this doggy beer from Bowser Beer comes in three different flavors and contains many nutrients for your dog. Pour into a bowl or over some food, and enjoy!

Picture from

3. Nap Cap

Celebrate your dog dad’s love for his favorite NBA team with Nap Cap - the giant NBA cap that is actually a dog bed! Your dog will be shootin’ hoops in his/her dreams and reppin’ your dog dad’s favorite team while doing it. The beds come in different sizes, ranging from small to large, and of course, you can pick the hat for your favorite team.

Picture from

4. Matching dog collar and key fob

Is your dog dad sad to leave his FURiend every day when he heads to work? With a key fob that matches your dog’s collar, your dog dad will take a little piece of Fluffy with him everywhere he goes.

Pic from TellerHill Etsy Shop

5. Pop Your Pup T-Shirt

Show off your dog dad’s love for his furry friend with a Pop Your Pup t-shirt. You can customize your shirt with a fun background or theme and your dog’s face.

Pic from Pop Your Pup website

6. Corkcicle drink travelers

5 o’clock somewhere in the dog world means making the decision between going to the dog park and having a cold one. Let that tough decision be no more - with Corkcicle’s traveler options, your dog dad can bring his beer or cocktail with him on the go to the park. We especially love their reusable faux can/koozie option and wood printed wine tumblers.

Pic from Corkcicle website

7. Customized dog print socks

Another great option to fill the dog void when your dog dad heads to work for the day is socks with your dog’s face on them from PupSocks. Each time he puts his feet up in accomplishment, your dog dad will get a small reminder that his best FURiend is waiting to greet him when he gets home.

Pic from PupSocks website


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