Dog Safety On the Go | How to Plan a Safe Dog-Friendly Trip

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Bringing your pet along on your family vacation or just away for a weekend adventure can be awesome. But, just like humans, pets can get sick or injured on the road and we need to be prepared to care for them properly. Nothing can ruin a vacation more than an incident that you are not prepared for, so we've provided a few tips and tricks based on our experience to help you plan a safe trip (please note that neither of us are veterinarians and we recommend you also consult your vet).

Trippin' in the big city:

If you're taking a trip to a city or larger town, you will likely have easy access to drug stores, pet stores, and local animal hospitals. Planning will be a bit easier and you may not need to bring as many things along with you.

You should absolutely, always carry a copy of your pet's vet records. In the event you can't reach or access your vet's office when an incident occurs, you want to make sure you have the records available. You can obtain a copy from your vet typically for a small fee (or for free). In addition to paperwork, we always make sure we travel with enough food for each day plus one, doggy wipes, and Neosporin for small cuts. Luckily, if you forget any of these items when traveling in a big city, you can usually head to a store and purchase them.

The one item you do want to make sure to check off your to-do list before leaving for a trip is to identify a local vet and 24/7 animal hospital close to where you will be staying. It's good to save the address and phone number in your phone to have it easily accessible if needed.

Back roadin':

If you'are taking a more adventurous trip on the outskirts of town, you will want to be a bit more prepared because you cannot rely on having a store or vet close by. You should still bring a copy of your animals vet records and you should also pack a first aid kit. The items you pack may depend on how far you are from an animal hospital and how long you will be traveling. Some basic supplies we recommend include:

1) Gauze

2) Tape

3) Neosporin

4) Hydrogen Peroxide (to induce vomiting - Google before your trip for specific instructions)

5) Scissors

6) Antiseptic wipes

7) Regular doggy wipes

8) Tweezers

9) Blanket

10) Thermometer (and Vaseline...)

For additional supplies and information, the American Veterinary Medical Association has some great information linked HERE.

More than likely you will have a fun, incident-free trip, but in the event something were to occur, you want to be prepared. At the bare minimum, make sure you are aware of where you can get supplies or help for your furry friend, and always travel with food and water for your pet. If you're flying with your dog, carry an empty water bottle through security and fill it up as soon as you cross over.

It's also a good idea to discuss pet travel with your vet before you leave. The above information is based solely on our experience traveling and your vet may have some additional tricks and tips to ensure your pet's safety.


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