Sweet Summer Dog Treat | Watermelon Pupcicles

Can you believe it's already August? It's time to soak up every last bit of the summer, and we've got the pawfect way for you to do it. Keep the summer vibes going with these fun, watermelon, doggy pupcicles. They're the perfect treat to cool your dog down on a hot day and they sure look cute too! Did I mention how easy they are? Just two ingredients and a blender are needed - oh and a fun ice cube tray! We bought dog themed trays on Amazon (linked below), but any ice cube tray would work.


  1. A quarter of a watermelon

  2. 8 oz. of coconut milk


  1. Knife

  2. Can opener

  3. Ice cube tray (dog themed ones preferred!)

  4. Blender


  1. Chop up the watermelon into bendable cubes

  2. Put the chopped watermelon into the blender

  3. Shake the can of coconut milk, open and put it into the blender

  4. Blend until consistently liquidly

  5. Put liquid into ice cube trays

  6. Freeze!

  7. Enjoy in 2-3 hours

Here are the ice cube trays we got from Amazon! Only $13 (tip: we have a very small freezer, which made putting these in a bit tough. We actually used a turkey baster and filled up the tray AFTER we put it inside the freezer)

$12.99 (Click to purchase - choose "For the Dog Moms")

We hope you enjoy this sweet summer treat! If you try out the recipe be sure to tag us @pawsuptravel and show us how they turned out!


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