Fall Activities for a Busy Dog Mom

Last weekend was the first weekend we’d been home as a family for a while and it was the perfect jump start to fall. Chicago was chilly and a bit gloomy, pumpkins were beginning to take over grocery store aisles and balconies, and pumpkin spices lattes were taking over the coffee shop signs. We spent the majority of the weekend with family and hanging at the dog park with some coffee and apple cider donuts.

It can be tough to appreciate the seasons and all the fun that comes with them when you’re always on the road. No decorating, different climates…it begins to feel like the season doesn’t happen at all. If you’re like us and are on the road or just crazy busy, you don’t always have the time to fit the fun seasonal activities in. Lucky for you we’ve compiled a list of fall activities to do with your dog, even if you just have an afternoon.

I try to make the time to have at least 1 day or a full weekend embracing the current season. My favorite fall activities to fill up a full day include pumpkin patches, cider mills, apple orchards, and fall festivals. There are absolutely activities within these categories that are dog-friendly!

Do some research on what venues nearby offer these activities. In the Midwest, there are a range of different types of places: small, family-owned farms and orchards, large facilities that offer it all in one place, and medium sized town festivals as well. We’ve found that the larger the venue, the more open they are to all guests (aka our furry friends). We’ve tried to go to some smaller family farms, but they were not dog-friendly.

If we don’t have a full day, we’ll try to plan a smaller activity that only takes a few hours. Last year we decided to carve pumpkins that looked like Maya. It was so much fun and they looked awesome! (they made for some good Instagram shots).

If pumpkin carving isn’t your thing, another fun afternoon activity could be stopping by your favorite beer tasting room or brewery. When the seasons change, typically the beers rotate too, so it will give you a chance to taste the new favorites. Typically indoor tasting rooms are dog-friendly if they don’t serve food and most outdoor places are dog-friendly (be sure to check with them before just Incase). To let your dog join in on the tasting fun, pick up a back of Bowser Beer, a non-alcohol beer just for dogs!

When the weather is gloomy, the fall dog-friendly fun can still continue! There are a ton of great recipes online for fall themed dog treats. Here’s a pumpkin sweet potato recipe that I found that is super simple.

While most people think summer is the perfect time to spend time with your dog, fall is even better. The weather is cooing down, which means it won’t be too hot for them out side, and there are a ton of dog-friendly activities in the fall. As always, do your research and plan ahead, and you and your dog will have the perfect fall day together.


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